The originz story

We strive not only to be successful, but to add value and be part of consumers’ lives.

We produce not just with our hands, but from our hearts.

We are concerned not only with the wellness of our consumers, but also with that of the entire society and of the environment.

Our love for life. It’s what makes us strive to deliver authentic, pure, conscientious and honest products that contribute to improving the wellbeing of our society and preserving our planet.

For young mothers, who will do anything to ensure the long-term wellbeing of their family, Originz enables the experience of holistic wellness, because we offer honest, wholesome products and services that provide superior value by doing good to mankind as well as to the environment.

The Originz Story

It’s no secret that modern way of living with sedentary lifestyle, diet lacking in nutrients, and stress is putting a strain on our physical and mental wellbeing across all ages. Governments in the region have also become proactive in encouraging their populations to be more aware of the importance of healthy eating and living.

With the evolution of digital technology, consumers have also evolved greatly, they’ve become smarter with their choices and more aware of what’s good for their health and wellbeing and what’s not.

Being health-conscious consumers ourselves, we recognize that the majority of the food grown and manufactured today is no longer as pure and healthy as it once used to be.

So as much for your wellbeing as for our own, we decided to go right back to nature… back to Originz.

Socially responsible family owned businesses around the globe

We searched the globe to find socially responsible family owned businesses that truly “live and breathe” the values of organic produce.

Through thorough checks, we selected the most trustworthy farms and together we created a wide-range of highest-quality 100% Organic products that we proudly introduce to consumers across the GCC.

While the story of ORIGINZ begins with 100% Organic food, it doesn’t end there.

By recognizing the relationship between physical wellness, nutrition and positive mental health, we are taking the initiative to develop a brand that will offer holistic wellbeing to consumers in the GCC and beyond.

Our Ingredients

Our entire food range is 100% Organic, which means it is free from harmful ingredients (hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, GMO’s and unwanted additives). Thanks to the purest ingredients that have been expertly and responsibly sourced from the best organic farms globally, consumers and their families in the GCC will benefit greatly in terms of their long-term wellbeing and peace of mind.

In response to growing consumer trends and needs, part of our range is also gluten free and vegan.

Our ingredients

Our Consumers

While consumers may have various reasons for going organic, research shows that the biggest motivating factor is the future and wellbeing of their family. Mothers of young children or mothers-to-be are most likely to make the switch to Organic produce.

Key drivers of their purchase are peace of mind, superior quality and taste, traceability from farm to shelf.

In Food, “Organic” is becoming a “new way of living” for many young families and therefore having access to a homegrown brand like ORIGINZ that will encourage and support their holistic wellness is of great importance and need.

In addition, both consumers and customers will benefit from a more streamlined sourcing, fresher stock, consistent supply and affordable pricing.

Our consumers